MFC GRC易物点通证资产归零通告

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为了家人长远回本规划及稳定资产,加上区块链趋势,集团决定将所有的MFC资产全数转移为易物点通证,敬请所有M家人于一个月内,即2020 年 2月1日 至 28日晚上9时29分之间,将各自账号中的上述资产转移到欧联交易所: , 家人们将有一个月时间进行转移操作,2020年2月28日晚上9时30分之后,集团将把所有未转移的MFC资产清空归零,为保证公平公正公开,期限之后未转移者,亦无法进行申诉。此声明发布之时起即生效。


MFC assets conversion

Dear Beloved Global M Family:

In order to realise the goal of recouping capital and achieving stability of asset for everyone, and given the industry trend towards blockchain, our group has decided to convert all MFC assets into GRC Token, and request everyone to transfer the aforementioned assets to the EUNEX Exchange:, within 1 month from 1st Feb 2020. After 28th Feb 2020 9:29 pm, all MFC assets yet to be transferred will be reduced to zero, and to ensure absolute fairness and transparency, there will be no appeal of any kind for those assets yet transferred after the due date. The above will take effect immediately.

We appreciate your understanding and support! Wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!

MFC Management
29th Jan 2020

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